Komposter is a creative collective of Akaša Bojić, Neja Engelsberger and Luka UmekThey all graduated from the Department of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. 

Since then they have created over 30 stage video projections (for concerts, theatre and contemporary dance performances and Slovenian national ceremonies) over 20 animated titles for movies and TV. They also do work in graphic design and illustration.

Komposter cooperates regularly with other institutions/groups such as Contemporary dance group En-Knap,, Institute for contemporary art Aksioma, Music group Laibach, Vocal music ensemble PHØNIX16, Ljubljana’s Cultural centre Španski borci and Centre for Urban Culture Kino Šiška.

They work between Berlin and Ljubljana.

Akaša Bojič

Neja Engelsberger

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