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1914 From a distance is a photography exhibition by Hassan Abdelghani. With a sight-specific flavour in Sacred Hearts Gallery in Pula (Croatia),...


Video projections for a photography exhibition

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The workers’ and mining facilities, characterising and changing the Slovenian mining town of Trbovlje for almost two centuries, which...


Title design for a dance movie

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Through archetypal dance, film and music matrices, the theatre-dance performance by one of the most renowned Slovenian playwrights, theatre...

20th Century Fog

Video projections for a dance performance

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We created a video content for Laibach 'Olav Tryggvason' concert at Ultima Festival, Oslo. Performed: Ultima Festival, Oslo, Norway, 13. 09. 2014 Križanke,...

Olav Tryggvason

Video projections for a Laibach project Olav Tryggvason - Edvard Grieg’s unfinished opera

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a short behind the scenes video document, created during the 3-day film shoot songs: DAFT PUNK - Harder, better, stronger, faster RADIOHEAD -...

VAŠHAVA “behind the scenes”

Video document / personal project

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Short promotional animated videos for camps in Bale, Croatia. creative direction and video footage: Sašo...


Promotional animations and videos for summer camps in Croatia

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Video projections for a Laibach “SPECTRE” world tour. (March 2014 - May 2017)       BOSSANOVA Filmed in Ljubljana, Križanke, May 16th, 2014 Directed...

Spectre tour

Projections for a Laibach Spectre tour

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LABORAT is with Silver bear (64th Berlinale) awarded short film by Guillaume Cailleau. Komposter created the movie titles and promo...


Title design and visual identity for a short film

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KOMPOSTER created a CD design for a collection of musical reinterpretation of Whitman's Leaves of grass by Ivanuša&Kugler.   CD design: ...


CD design + poster

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Komposter created a video promo for OfR jewellery collection, a jewellery label whose work is often created by combining materials, techniques...

Winter Garden

Fashion video for a jewellery brand OfR

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Audio-visual installation at the Centre for Sonorous Arts in Ljubljana (May 2013). Reflecting on previous projects, KOMPOSTER created a dialog between a...

Space Echo

Audio-visual installation

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IVANUŠA&KUGLER's interpretation of Leaves of grass by Walt Whitman. KOMPOSTER created a linear scenography and visuals with projection mapping for...


Video projections + scenography

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Music video for a Slovenian band Demolition group. Concept, filmed and edited by Sašo Podgoršek, motion graphics and compositing by...


Music video for a Slovenian band Demolition group