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Artists: Ago Tela, Octex, Electrosaurus, iTurk, Wichiwaka, Stashman Feat. Robin Werner, The LSD Anarchist, Dojaja, Pier Feat. Robert Jukič, Organon, Nitz, Timequake, Zergon Compiled by Marjan Crnkovič, Mastered by Iztok...

Chilli Space 10

album design and illustration for Slovenian electronic music compilation

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We created a video content for Laibach 'Olav Tryggvason' concert at Ultima Festival, Oslo. Performed: Ultima Festival, Oslo, Norway, 13. 09. 2014 Križanke,...

Olav Tryggvason

Video projections for a Laibach project Olav Tryggvason - Edvard Grieg’s unfinished opera

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Short promotional animated videos for camps in Bale, Croatia. creative direction and video footage: Sašo...


Promotional animations and videos for summer camps in Croatia

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Video projections for a Laibach “SPECTRE” world tour. (March 2014 - May 2017)       BOSSANOVA Filmed in Ljubljana, Križanke, May 16th, 2014 Directed...

Spectre tour

Projections for a Laibach Spectre tour

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Audio-visual installation at the Centre for Sonorous Arts in Ljubljana (May 2013). Reflecting on previous projects, KOMPOSTER created a dialog between a...

Space Echo

Audio-visual installation

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Komposter is in charge of EN-KNAP production corporate identity since 2010, producing posters, brochures, DVD sleeves, folders,...


Design for EN-KNAP production

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Komposter created a cross-media opening title sequence for a TV show about Art, Technology and Modern...


TV show titles

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Concert projection made for “The Bob Dylan project – become a volunteer!”. The event took place in Ljubljana on September...

Ballad Of A Thin Man

Concert projection made for an event that commemorated Bob Dylan’s 70th Anniversary. Laibach presented their cover song Ballad Of A Thin Man.

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In this biggest coproduction in the South East Europe in years, the East West Theatre Company Sarajevo together with...

Europe Today

Video projections for a theatre show

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Video projections for the Slovenian independence and unity day ceremony 23. December 2010 Screenplay and directed by Sašo Podgoršek Scenography by Marko...

Independence and unity day 2010

Animations for Slovenian independence and unity day ceremony 2010

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Komposter created corporate identity redesign and animated title design for a TV show on Slovenian National Television music by...

Studio City

TV show titles and Corporate identity redesign

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Video projections for the Slovenian independence and unity day ceremony 23. December 2009 The animated infographics were based on the data...

Independence and unity day 2009

Inforaphics and animations for Slovenian independence and unity day ceremony 2009

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Komposter created a video content projected on the Laibach Volk world tour. The Volk album is a collection of interpretations...

Volk tour

Video projections for Laibach Volk world tour