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Rudar (The Miner) is the third featured film by slovenian film director Hanna Slak. It is based on a...


Title design and poster for a feature film

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BREZMEJNO is a European road movie set along the scar-lines inflicted by war. It tells of rupture in...


Motion graphics and visual identity for a documentary film

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Artists: Ago Tela, Octex, Electrosaurus, iTurk, Wichiwaka, Stashman Feat. Robin Werner, The LSD Anarchist, Dojaja, Pier Feat. Robert Jukič, Organon, Nitz, Timequake, Zergon Compiled by Marjan Crnkovič, Mastered by Iztok...

Chilli Space 10

album design and illustration for Slovenian electronic music compilation

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LABORAT is with Silver bear (64th Berlinale) awarded short film by Guillaume Cailleau. Komposter created the movie titles and promo...


Title design and visual identity for a short film

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KOMPOSTER created a CD design for a collection of musical reinterpretation of Whitman's Leaves of grass by Ivanuša&Kugler.   CD design: ...


CD design + poster

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Komposter is in charge of EN-KNAP production corporate identity since 2010, producing posters, brochures, DVD sleeves, folders,...


Design for EN-KNAP production