/Posted by: Luka
Rudar (The Miner) is the third featured film by slovenian film director Hanna Slak. It is based on a...


Title design and poster for a feature film

/Posted by: Luka
BREZMEJNO is a European road movie set along the scar-lines inflicted by war. It tells of rupture in...


Motion graphics and visual identity for a documentary film

/Posted by: Luka
Under the loving but firm guidance of an old fan turned director and cultural diplomat, and to the surprise...

Liberation Day

Title design and animated sequences for a musical documentary

/Posted by: aka
A personal project, filmed in Lanzarote, Canary Islands in September 2015. - audio by Spuntic - "The Scene"...


Video essay

/Posted by: aka
Quite spontaneous video document, following a jazz musician Klemens Marktl around NY. A drummer with tremendous amount of humour,...

A Jazz Day in NY

Video document

/Posted by: aka
Video document about Jaka Kopač, slovenian alto saxophone player, who recorded his second album "Present Thoughts" on April 30th 2015 at...

Present Thoughts

Video document on recording a jazz album

/Posted by: aka
The workers’ and mining facilities, characterising and changing the Slovenian mining town of Trbovlje for almost two centuries, which...


Title design for a dance movie

/Posted by: aka
a short behind the scenes video document, created during the 3-day film shoot songs: DAFT PUNK - Harder, better, stronger, faster RADIOHEAD -...

VAŠHAVA “behind the scenes”

Video document / personal project

/Posted by: aka
Short promotional animated videos for camps in Bale, Croatia. creative direction and video footage: Sašo...


Promotional animations and videos for summer camps in Croatia

/Posted by: Luka
LABORAT is with Silver bear (64th Berlinale) awarded short film by Guillaume Cailleau. Komposter created the movie titles and promo...


Title design and visual identity for a short film

/Posted by: aka
Komposter created a video promo for OfR jewellery collection, a jewellery label whose work is often created by combining materials, techniques...

Winter Garden

Fashion video for a jewellery brand OfR

/Posted by: aka
Music video for a Slovenian band Demolition group. Concept, filmed and edited by Sašo Podgoršek, motion graphics and compositing by...


Music video for a Slovenian band Demolition group

/Posted by: aka
Komposter created a cross-media opening title sequence for a TV show about Art, Technology and Modern...


TV show titles

/Posted by: aka
Komposter created corporate identity redesign and animated title design for a TV show on Slovenian National Television music by...

Studio City

TV show titles and Corporate identity redesign

/Posted by: aka
Music video made for a Slovenian band Melodrom. directed, filmed and edited by Sašo Podgoršek motion graphics and live vj-ing by...

Marching on a globe

Video projections for a music video from Slovenian band Melodrom.