Independence and unity day 2009

Video projections for the Slovenian independence and unity day ceremony
23. December 2009

The animated infographics were based on the data collected by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia on Agriculture, Culture and Media, Development and Technology, Earnings, Education, Energy, GDP and National Accounts, Population, Prices and Inflation, Quality of Life, etc.


Screenplay, direction and choreography by Iztok Kovač and Sašo Podgoršek
Scenography by Komposter and Iztok Kovač
Inforaphics and animations by Komposter

Material for the showreel filmed by Komposter, except the shots marked with the logo filmed by RTV SLO.
Music by Drago Ivanuša

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  • Client:Ministry of Culture RS
  • Work:
    • motion graphics
    • stage projections
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