IVANUŠA&KUGLER‘s interpretation of Leaves of grass by Walt Whitman.

KOMPOSTER created a linear scenography and visuals with projection mapping for the whole concert, which also filled the gaps between the lines. At the end of the year, a CD was published, which Komposter designed.

Drago Ivanuša – accordian, computer
Enos Kugler – percussions
Komposter – visuals

Check the whole concert from the Cankarjev dom (22.1.2013) HERE


“Whitman” by Ivanuša&Kugler, Centre for Sonorous Arts in Ljubljana, 21.5.2013
photos by Nada Žgank


A review by Radio Študent – “Drago Ivanuša and Enos Kugler staged an extremely well created and performed multi-media evening with a well thought out dramaturgical arch. The focal point consisted of texts by the famous American poet Walt Whitman, which dialectically complemented the sound. Some songs or cycles were used in their entirety, others in an adapted or fragmentary form, whereby all three components – words, sound and image – created a living, organic whole of a new type of discourse. Drago Ivanuša and Enos Kugler presented this brilliant fusion of form and content through a fascinating performance full of added value.”



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  • Client:Muskafiber
  • Work:
    • editing
    • filming
    • live VJ-ing
    • motion graphics
    • projection mapping
    • stage projections
    • trailer
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