Wind, Sand and Stars

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is more than just the grand pilot of The Little Prince. He is also the author of two extraordinary autobiographical novels. In an exceptional Slovenian translation by Edvard Kocbek, Night Flight (Vol de nuit, 1931) and Man and His World (Terre des hommes, 1939) were published under the title Wind, Sand and Stars in 1966. Directed by Iztok Kovač and adapted by Stojan Pelko half a century after Kocbek’s translation, Pavle Ravnohrib stars in the performance bearing the same title: Wind, Sand and Stars!

Komposter created video projections for the performance.

Photos by Miha Fras


poster designed with Rok Mar

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  • Client:En-Knap
  • Work:
    • graphic design
    • motion graphics
    • trailer
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